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About us

El-Hoda Company

El-Hoda Company was established in 2001 and was engaged in the activity of importing sanitary ware from China and Turkey.

The company’s activity expanded until it became the sole agent for major sanitary ware and stainless steel sink companies in Turkey and China. In 2015, the company switched to manufacturing sanitary ware because it sensed the state’s tendency to expand in local industries and the countries’ full support for the industry. The company’s factory was established in Borg El Arab Industrial City, close to the major markets for sanitary ware trade in Alexandria and Cairo. The company has a clear vision towards merchants. And the consumer is achieving the difficult equation in terms of quality of production and appropriate price ISO 9001:2015 certification ISO 14001:2015 certification ISO 45001:2018 certification A high-quality product, a reasonable price, and customer satisfaction is the original goal of the company’s work team, including workers, technicians, engineers, and the board of directors. With best regards Production Manager: Engineer/Karim Alaa El Din Bilal Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Alaa El-Din Bilal The company's goal is to reach all African, Arab and international markets. To achieve this goal, the company applies all quality standards in all stages of production, and in 2021 the company succeeded in obtaining international quality certificates ISO.

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Home    About us    Products    ISO    Contact us
Home    About us    Products    ISO    Contact us
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